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Links to other sites of interest

International Society on Toxinology

This society was founded in 1962 by a group on scientists and clinicians interested in advancing the science of toxinology. Toxicon is the official Elsevier website for the Society’s journal. It was first published in 1963.

Nature, Arabic edition

International weekly journal of science, hosted by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Wolfgang Wuster
Wolfgang is a leading snake taxonomist and his site gives updates on venomous snake taxonomic changes, with his view about the changes. A very important resource for those interested in venomous snakes, be they venom researchers, herpetologists, or clinicians.

Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center
site listing information on poisoning and envenoming, the latter applicable to fauna and flora in the Center’s hinterland. This PIC has a long tradition of excellence in managing envenoming, not surprising since Arizona is a “hotspot” for rattlesnake bite.

Natural Toxins Research Centre
An important venom research centre in the US, with a dedicated web site

Journal of Antibiotics

An international journal devoted to research on Bioactive Microbial Products. Novel Antibiotics DataBase [Download] [Search]

World Health Organisation’s publications on clinical toxinology
World Health Organisation – Regional Office for Africa – “Guidelines for the Prevention and Clinical Management of Snakebite in Africa” [mirrored copy on this website]
World Health Organisation – “WHO Guidelines for the Production Control and Regulation of Snake Antivenom Immunoglobulins

On behalf of the Egyptian Society of Natural Toxins we invite all interested colleagues from different parts of the world to join us and enrich our activities seeking for improvement of performance and providing help to the humanity. We are concerned with the toxic living organisms as well as the danger and the benefits of their toxins.