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Venomous Spiders of Egypt

Prepared by:

Colonel Hisham K. El-Hennawy

Cairo, Egypt

Spiders (Order Araneae) constitute one of the eleven orders of Class Arachnida. There are 385 species of spiders recorded from Egypt until 2002. They belong to 187 genera of 40 families. The venom apparatus of the spider is composed of two glands inside the cephalothorax. The venom passes from the glands through two ducts inside the chelicerae that end by two fangs each carry a pair of micro opening near its tip. This poster deals with two venomous spiders of the same family. Their genus is the same of the famous Black Widow spider.

Family Theridiidae:
Latrodectus pallidus O.P.-Cambridge, 1872 (White Widow) This species was recorded in Egypt from: Alexandria and Wadi Kid in Nabq protectorate in South Sinai. It usually lives among or under rocks. It is moderately venomous.
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus Rossi, 1790: This species was recorded in Egypt from: Alexandria, El-Tahrir Proviince, Salahyeh and Sinai (Med & S). It usually lives among plants. It is known as venomous spider in South-Europe.


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