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Prepared by:

Prof. Abdel Wahed F. Mostafa

Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds formed by certain types of fungi as secondary metabolites actually derived from other chemicals such as polypeptides, amino acids, phenols, or terpenoids – which the fungus uses in its normal metabolism. Many mycotoxins can cause toxic damage to the cells of humans, causing chronic diseases. Mycotoxins may be hepatotoxins, nephrotoxins, neurotoxins, enterotoxins, dermotoxins, cytotoxic, emetic, mutagenic, oestrogenic, teratogenic, carcinogenic or immunosuppressive.

On behalf of the Egyptian Society of Natural Toxins we invite all interested colleagues from different parts of the world to join us and enrich our activities seeking for improvement of performance and providing help to the humanity. We are concerned with the toxic living organisms as well as the danger and the benefits of their toxins.