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Natural toxins

The mission of the Egyptian Society of Natural Toxins (ESNT) is to provide global research, information, training and resources that will lead to better understanding of the danger as well as the usefulness of different types of naturally produced toxins.

This will include studies on the nature, occurrence, effects, mechanism of action, isolation, identification and characterization of natural products with toxic activities.

Particular emphasis is placed on evaluating the significance of the effects of such toxicants on human health besides the discovery of medically important component(s) found in these toxins.

Areas of research covered by the society include histopathology, cytopathology, pathophysiology, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology, Bacteriology, virology, parasitology, epidemiology, chemistry, biochemistry, biosynthesis, metabolism, and pharmacology of various classes of natural toxicants and their therapeutic applications in medicine and biology.

It will also cover the fields of taxonomy and classification of poisonous living organisms.

On behalf of the Egyptian Society of Natural Toxins we invite all interested colleagues from different parts of the world to join us and enrich our activities seeking for improvement of performance and providing help to the humanity. We are concerned with the toxic living organisms as well as the danger and the benefits of their toxins.