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Basic information

The Egyptian Journal of Natural Toxins is the official publication of the Egyptian Society of Natural Toxin (ESNT). It is an interdisciplinary publication in English that publish original papers on all aspects of toxins and related compounds of natural origin as well as toxic living organisms. Two volumes are published every year. Each volume may contain more than one issue.

The journal welcomes original research works, in which the contents of the manuscript have not previously been published elsewhere, except as an abstract or preliminary report. The journal may also accept Editor’s viewpoint, original papers, Review articles, Short communications, Preliminary reports, Letters to the Editor, Case reports, Book reviews, Bibliography of interest, and important information in the field of toxic living organisms and their toxins and related isolated compounds. The journal also publishes abstracts of posters and papers presented in scientific meetings of the ESNT. All manuscripts are sent to two referees for their review and recommendations. The final decision on acceptance or rejection is made by the editor and/or associate editors.

The journal abbreviated title is Egy. J. Nat. Toxins, which must be used in bibliographies, footnotes and legends.



The articles published in the journal cover all fields of study concerning toxic living organisms (microorganisms, plants and animals) or poisons derived from them. This includes:

  • Biological aspects of toxic living organisms
  • Epidemiology of envenoming by toxic living organisms
  • Clinical and pathophysiological alterations of poisoning
  • Biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology and molecular biology of natural toxins
  • Treatment and therapeutic principles of poisoning
  • Preparation and evaluation of vaccines.
  • Curative use of natural toxins and their isolated compounds
  • Usage of natural toxins as tools for biological control.
  • Environmental conservation of toxic living organisms
  • Natural toxins involve snake, scorpion, insect and spider venoms and marine toxins. It also includes plant, algal, fungal and bacterial toxins.



1- University Staff members from faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Agriculture, Nursery, and Education, interested in poisonous creatures and their toxins and related derivatives.

2- Researchers from biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, environmental and other related research centers.

On behalf of the Egyptian Society of Natural Toxins we invite all interested colleagues from different parts of the world to join us and enrich our activities seeking for improvement of performance and providing help to the humanity. We are concerned with the toxic living organisms as well as the danger and the benefits of their toxins.